Olivia Rae Vargas

So I wanna take some time out to thank Olivia Rae Vargas. Here's why when I first heard anything about her was threw her father Mike they were having something for the CCA that Olivia is apart of. And yesterday My family and I attended Olivia event at AMC theatre in New Brunswick to see the Wonder movie. First off the movie was Great I caught myself from crying about 4times other then that I learned from the message that the movie brought to the table about (TCS) Teacher Collins Syndrome. Second off I want to applaud Olivia on her strength on her battle and staying strong threw any uncomfortable situations she had to go threw! There were couple parts of the movie were kids were being bully's and I was getting pissed one thing I can't stand is a bully and I just wanted to tell Olivia u go threw that you call uncle James right away lol but I'm just proud to announce Olivia as the second face along side my daughter Brihanna as Power Push Weight™ Princess line Welcome The beautiful Olivia Rea Vargas!!!!

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